My family

This is a site about my family,I love my family, there are 5 people in my family, our family always go to travel to many place, and I have a happiness life, we always chat to each other when we eat our dinner. My young brother his name is Tim he like drawing pitcurtes and take photo, my mom and dad are all do the clothes busssiness, my mom is a fishon desginer she like her job to desginer many fashion clothes,my dad like his bussiness too,this is all about my family.

My little sisiter Bella

This is a site about my little sisiter Bella.She is a lovely and pretty girls, She is 4 years old now, she like dancing and drawing.I like to play with her becuae she is so cute and pretty girl in my mind, she always being nice and kind when she is in school and I can see she very like to make friend with other children, she always smile sweet and her eye is so big looks like a doll. I very like my little sister Bella, she is such a sweeter in my mind. This is all about my lovely little sisiter Bella.

March my lovely dog

This is a site all about my lovely dog,My lovely doy is so cute his name is March, he is naughty when he is hungry, he very like eating and his favorite job is to eat human food, but I just can't understand why he like it but he don't like his own food,maybe he think human food is very yummy in his mind, this is all about my lovely dog March.